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Dental Implants

Smile Works - Lake Forest

Dental implants are a highly successful and precise method for replacing missing or damaged teeth. They are a popular choice for tooth replacement because they prevent more serious complications often caused by tooth and bone loss.

Dr. Haider will walk you through every step of your oral surgery journey at Smile Works. During your consultation, we will perform a comprehensive dental exam, including 3D scans, and review your medical history. We will determine your oral health and aesthetic goals and discuss your anesthesia options to design the right treatment plan for you. If additional treatments are required, we will explain additional procedures that may be necessary, such as bone grafting or tooth extraction.

Dental implants are superior because they come as close to being a structurally complete tooth as possible.

Dental Implants Are Performed in 2 Segments:

First, a special titanium screw is carefully placed at the root of the lost or damaged tooth.
Second, a custom crown, the visible portion of your natural-looking new tooth is secured to the titanium foundation by your dentist, who will color match to the rest of your teeth – a very good time for a course of professional teeth whitening so you’ll get a smile and look beyond your initial expectations.

Individual dental implants replace a single missing tooth while offering positive positioning support for the neighboring teeth. Multiple dental implants are still individual teeth. As a functional device, there is nothing more crucial to a dental implant than high stress resilience. Cosmetic considerations are secondary to performance – that’s difference between permanency and dentures. More than providing a considerable boost in self confidence, a titanium dental implant promotes continued bone retention that would otherwise be lost.

Dental implants have advanced dentistry and a patient’s quality of life, tremendously. For example, dentures on implants now remain stable without adhesive. For these patients, this allows for a normal diet and greater confidence in social settings.

Sometimes, an implant may be placed the same day as extractions, other times there are procedures required to maintain or rebuild the bone so one can be placed in the future. In addition, select cases can have teeth inserted immediately.

If you have been told by your personal dentist, or are interested to learn more about dental implants at Smile Works, schedule a consultation with Shiraz Haider, DDS today!

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